~ Meet Me


Thank you Great Spirit for this Day!  How may I Serve?  Thank you for my many Blessings!  Thank you for those that cross my path today!  I pray for Peace * Compassion * Grace * Gratitude and LOVE ~ may All hearts be fulfilled!

 My Heart My Guide ~ My Soul My Eyes

and so it is!


Brightest Blessings and Welcome!


My name is Courtland and I AM Love’n’Light!!

Spiritual / Life Coach / Counselor, Past Life Hypnotherapist, Energy Thought Therapist, Awakening / Ascension Adviser, Ordained Spiritual Minister, Grandmother Wisdom.


Brought to You at this time to aid, assist, nudge and guide You to and thru your Spiritual Awakening and Consciousness / Ascension Awareness Journey!

We are traveling through the most amazing moments, elevated energies … NOW is the time to integrate, calibrate, transcend and transform who you truly are and can be! I am here to guide you to understand the facets of your Soul … for when You SEE through your Soul Eyes . . . not only do you realize your awareness to the Divine, you project that Divinity, that Light with all you touch, see, feel, hear . . . You enter your realm of Light!

It is that which you cannot see, feel, touch, hear that is the most OMNI powerful frequency and it lies within You!

Knowing every moment is perfect, there are no coincidences, only synchronicities. You are reading this because you were guided here by Great Spirit! Trust and Have Faith that each moment of Now unfolds Divinely and Precisely! God does not make mistakes!

Thank you for BEing here . . . where would you like to begin?

Leave your questions or comments on the Contact Page ~ I will respond as quickly as able!

***I KNOW we are in the most chaotic and confusing times. I KNOW you are becoming AWARE of life situations that you possibly saw differently before! Everything as you KNEW it … is now or is in the process of changing! People in your life are changing, your thoughts about people, places … yourself, are changing and it can be a very frightful time for this, HOWEVER, I am Here to share with You ~ what you are experiencing is the opening or as many say, the Awakening of your Soul! Awareness precedes this … you have become Aware of many thought patterns that you have either found untrue, embellished, harmful to others. You are realizing that all that you have been “taught” or led to believe, is NOT True! More importantly, YOU have realized that nothing makes sense in the “old ways” … you could be having dreams, you could be having thoughts ~ almost like a tug of war with yourself, one side wants to stay in this corner but that little voice beckons you out of the corner to venture! That little voice, that is your Soul ~ say HELLO, get to KNOW YOU … one of the best exercises to MEET YOU is to GREET YOU … Seriously, sit in front of mirror (usually best when you’re alone) … this can be a very emotional experience … and it may take more than one time … but, I promise, you will become a Master of beckoning your Soul ~ instantaneously and believe it or not, your SOUL is WAITING for You to do this! As you gaze in your eyes in the mirror, look past your eyes, ask “are you there” and you will probably get the same answer I did way back when … “I’VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE, I have never left You and Never will”.  You will probably get tears, goosebumps, shivers … that’s a good thing … that is validation … for you have “heard” your Soul speak! Work on your dialogue … make it habitual! Watch the Magic that begins to happen to You!!  There is NO wrong way to speak and share with your Soul … you are a unique and individual being as is your Soul so what works for You, pursue!  Don’t let someone tell you, you are doing it wrong … you’re not!